6-15 Stock Sizes - Fixed Force


6-15 Stock Sizes - Adjustable Force


Custom Made Gas Struts

Gas Strut Engineering Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of gas struts to customer’s requirements. If you require a size not listed above, we are happy to manufacture to your specification. Please complete the On-line Enquiry Form. Alternatively, specify the size and end fittings required in the format of the part number shown below.

Technical Data

Piston Rod: Nitro-carburised carbon steel
Cylinder: Steel tube to DIN2393 black powder coated
Tube contents: Nitrogen gas + mineral based hydraulic oil
Force range: 80-1200N
Stroke range: 20-200mm
Damping zone length: 20mm
Minimum extended length = (2 x stroke) + 35mm

Gas Strut Options

  • Adjustable force
  • Stainless steel
  • Slow extending
  • Fast extending
  • Protective rod shroud
  • Food grade oil
  • M6 threaded ends to suit 8-18 ends

6-15 Stock Sizes - Fixed Force with fixed eye ends


Ordering Code

When ordering, please specify the part number in the following format:

6-15 Size Gas Strut Ends